Disruptive Outcomes was started as an attempt to answer two questions:
“What if we looked at hiring as one of many options?”
“What if we created a business which was empathetic towards the needs of professionals rather than exclusive to only those people we needed for a given project?”

We found it almost impossible to answer these questions within a traditional recruitment organisation. When you are a recruiter, everything starts to look like a recruitment problem.
“Trouble growing your business? Hire better/more/different sales people!”
“Don’t get along with your coworkers? Find another job!”
“Need to restructure? Don’t worry, fire the people you don’t like and hire new ones!”

During the last 10 years, we have seen many companies with various challenges approach recruitment as the answer. Watching and learning from what happend after the hire we started to appreciate that hiring isn’t always the right answer.

Disruptive Outcomes is our experiment to build a more empathetic, people-first recruitment and consulting business model. We decided on People, Data, Process because of what we found working with different companies.


When struggling with a decision; data-based insights on the market, team, or company uncovers the blocks.


When struggling to develop, retain, streamline or achieve; internal processes, systems and procedures are critical.


When struggling to identify, hire, exit or transition people; a collaborative, transparent approach to developing requirements, benchmarking, search/sourcing, screening and selecting results in faster, quality results.