theOpenPlatform is a alpha-stage non-profit Solopreneur Initiative to create best-practices, networks and support senior professionals to commercialize their own experience and start their own companies.

What is it?

We are building theOpenPlatform into a trade union/venture-in-a-box which anyone can leverage to build apps; companies and other non-profits which encourage and support professionals to market and improve their expertise.


Professionals at all levels see their roles blurring between different functions, disappearing completely or being automated away. With ever increasing access to information, many Professionals have the opportunity to continuously improve and market their own interests and expertise. Your own expertise is the new employment security.


1. Discuss

The start to the program is a simple discussion over coffee (or tea) with one of the partners to the platform. Joining as a Disruptive Outcomes Member is also a great way to start getting a feel for the options available. For many professionals, the discussion is all they need(ed). The conversation is unstructured. Lots of questions are welcome.

Contact us to setup a discussion.

2. Experiment

Some professionals will want to explore different options including solopreneurship or entrepreneurship. The platform partners support this process through further discussions. While partners can offer advice and support, the setup is the full responsibility of the professional.

3. Join

A small number of professionals who complete the discussions and setup their firm are then offered the option to join theOpenPlatform or continue on their own.


There are no costs to apply to, participate in or contribute to theOpenPlatform. You are welcome to join as a partner, supporter or just talk about the program.

If you opt to join theOpenPlatform network to utilize the shared services offered, a 5% service charge is deducted from any invoices issued while you are part of the platform.

Presently theOpenPlatform operates at a loss. By 2020, we aim to operate at break-even with roughly 25% of costs covered by donations, 50% by member revenue splits and 25% through government grants.


theOpenPlatform is a no-MLM, no-cold-calling, no-network-marketing/selling platform. If you are interested in building a business around network marketing, please look elsewhere. theOpenPlatform is about helping professionals become consultants, soloprenures, and inventors of their own companies; not resellers.


These are some of the things professionals have done as part of the program.

  • Sit and work with different solopreneurs at a coworking space.
  • Set-up a Sole Proprietorship or Limited Liability Partnership to pursue project and advisory work.
  • Register on Expert Research and Freelancing websites to monetize existing expertise.
  • Train and learn through subsidized government sponsorship programs.
  • Talk with coaches, investors, and business owners to explore and define your value proposition.
  • Join our Members introduction network where we match cross-industry professionals with startups and growing companies looking for competency (not Experience!) hires.
  • Network among peer professionals, learn and grow through the transitions.
  • Give-back by working with one of our partner social enterprises and nonprofits in your area of expertise.
  • Grow through business support services like legal, finance and marketing offered by other professionals and partner companies.