We just completed a three month Packaging Industry Equipment and Software market research and hiring project. During this project we spoke with more than 40 executives at a Director level or above with a focus on the Asia Pacific market. The majority of the people we spoke with were working in a company that supplies packaging equipment and or software for the consumer goods space.

This was the first time in five years that we have handled a project within FMCG and it was interesting to reconnect and understand the different trends across automation, sustainability and the overall market dynamics.

The packaging industry is highly fragmented with a few large players and many smaller niche players operating in the market. The majority of the people we spoke with were from the wide variety of niche software and equipment providers. Even while we found the market highly fragmented, it has undergone consolidation like most other industries and has fewer players today than even 10 years previously.

A number of people we spoke with talked about how they see the next big thing in printing/packaging as the convergence of online shopping, personalization, on-demand printing, and delivery. They were waiting and watching to see who started doing it first. Whether it would be a startup, Amazon.com or one of the entrenched players like HP.

With the right approach, partnerships and technology the packaging and printing market seems a market where a startup can edge out a market and position. It seems a market where being small and specialised is still possible but the local complexities, and variety of applications make it difficult to hold a dominant position regionally or even globally.

Reach out if you would like to talk with us about the research. It's an interesting time for the packaging and printing space.