Our services support people in business. We run projects related to the recruitment, outplacement and interim hiring of people; development and investigation of data through primary and secondary research; and the improvement of internal systems and processes to produce better business outcomes by working with people.

We support startups, mid sized enterprises and multinationals. Find out about some of our past clients.

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These are examples of the projects we have supported different companies with.


  • Identify cofounders.
  • Introduce funding partners and government agencies.
  • Provide validation of a market / solution / idea / process.


  • Evaluate different locations and options.
  • Build a talent map for a new location.
  • Interview competitors in a potential market.


  • Find and hire right-fit professionals.
  • Compare a range of options for a potential hire.
  • Benchmark internal professionals against the market.


  • Develop an inhouse recruitment function.
  • Align external and internal employer image and values.
  • Enhance existing inhouse recruiting.


  • Review manual internal processes and recommend changes.
  • Fully automate workflows with off-the-shelf, modular systems.
  • Implement and train team in use and building of automated workflows.