Disruptive Outcomes LLP maintains a referral fee program which is optional for anyone to join. Disruptive Outcomes retains the ability to accept or reject any business referral made under this agreement.


Disruptive Outcomes accepts referrals of relevant business opportunities inline with the markets and services described on our website. To qualify, a referral must be a person-to-person connection where the referred party confirms the introduction/connection.


Disruptive Outcomes pays a referral fee equivalent to 10% of the first full project revenue. In situations where the referred party signs up for a long-term service agreement with multiple projects across a long period of time, 10% of the first year of revenue will be given.


  • (1) the referrer introduces a company to Disruptive Outcomes which agrees to a project of 50,000 SGD. Disruptive Outcomes pays the referrer 5,000 SGD immediately upon receipt of full payment from the company.
  • (2) the referrer introduces a company which signs a long term services agreement at 10,000 SGD per month. Disruptive outcomes pays the referrer 1,000 SGD per month for the first 12 months.

Confidentiality and Liability

The details of any referral relationship/agreement is not confidential and can be disclosed to any 3rd party by request. Referrers can refer themselves as a “referral partner” of Disruptive Outcomes.