Common Questions

Common Questions

Answers to some of the most common questions we receive.

What does Disruptive Outcomes actually do?

People, data and process related paid consulting projects for companies. And pro-bono support for non-profits, social enterprises and unemployed job seekers. We help companies with people problems/challenges, how to manage and utilize their data, and how to deal with/improve processes and systems. All with a focus on helping each company achieve specific outcomes (which is often disruptive - hence the name).

So Disruptive Outcomes is a recruiter?

We do help some of our clients with recruitment and related services. We are a licensed recruitment company in Singapore.

We do a lot more than recruitment as there are often data and process challenges interconnected with each recruitment need/problem.

I'm looking for a job. Can you help?

We are happy to chat with you, share information and give tips/advice to help with your job search. As part of our social impact programs, we help unemployed and in-transition professionals.

We believe in helping people figure out the best methods and tools that they can use/learn to get the kind of paid work that is best for their situation.

What are your fees?

We have a section dedicated to benchmark fees. Normally, our fees are customized based on each project and client requirement.

What happens if I hire someone you introduce to me?

If we are working on some kind of agreement that includes a fee for introductions, we would charge you. Without a governing agreement in place, all introductions are given without expectation of fees ("in good will").

Why do you introduce people "without expectation of a fee"?

Idealistically: The world is a better place when people help people connect with each other without always expecting something in return.

Practically: It isn't fun, challenging or interesting to chase fees. This is why we only work on a referral basis and only on agreed scope of work projects. Keeping track of who was introduced, what happened to them and chasing companies to "claw back" or justify fees that weren't agreed up front for a specific project isn't worth it.

The single minded pursit of payment for every possible connection doesn't result in additional business revenue and isn't necessary for a profitable consulting or recruitment business. Such a mindless pursuit of fees results in less work, worse relationships and a struggle to make the business stable and viable in the long-term.

Is Disruptive Outcomes a Recruitment Process Outsourcing ("RPO") firm?

No. RPO are designed to take over a company's recruiting activities and operate against specific activity levels and scopes. Most RPO hope for a long-term engagement where the RPO resources are fully engaged.

Disruptive Outcomes is focused on projects which help companies become more independent and eventually eliminate the need for external support completely. Whether for data, process or people, the teams working in each company are in the best position to develop, implement and maintain the work needed.

We want to be the one that helps, encourages, shoves and prods them in the right direction.

Is Disruptive Outcomes an HR Consulting firm?

Kind of. We do help companies with HR Consulting in a backwards kind of way. Most HR Consulting practices will implement standard programs and best practices.

We start by looking at what the company is struggling with, what they want to accomplish and find the simplest possible way to bridge the two. If the company needs a formal HR Consulting implementation of Hay Grades, we would refer that work to a Collaborator.

Does Disruptive Outcomes develop software / apps?

Kind of. As part of helping companies with their processes and data, we often need to build tools and automations. Our preference is to use off the shelf tools. Such tools are easier for the company to learn and maintain.

In rare situations, we may agree to help a company develop fully custom software/apps, in those cases we would work with a Collaborator or team of Members specialised in app development.

How does Disruptive Outcomes make money?

Around 80% of our time is spent on fee-based projects with paying clients. These are large companies, mid and small startups. This allows us to spend around 20% of our time on our social and pro-bono projects.

What does Disruptive Outcomes charge Members and Collaborators?

Nothing. Anyone is welcome to join as a member and any company as a collaborator.

When a project needs support from members or collaborators, we will discuss a suitable fee-split, hourly or day rate for the project. The arrangements are fully transparent and clients are welcome to engage directly with collaborators or members during and after the project completes.

For any work that we refer to Members or Collaborators, each person can judge whether they want to recognise our introduction with a referral fee and decide the amount.

For any work that is referred to us, we are happy to pay reasonable referral fees when it is committed work.

Why doesn't Disruptive Outcomes charge or expect fees for referrals and introductions?

We believe that much of the work in the world today is service and trust based work. if we aren't measurably involved in delivering a part of the paid work, it doesn't make sense for us to take a cut of the fee.

Simply referring the work doesn't justify a fee because someone still has to complete that work successfully and make the customer happy. There are also times where the fees agreed with the client just cover the margins of the provider. If we were to require an additional fee on every referral, there could be many situations where the work isn't done.

Likewise, if we refer work that isn't done or done badly. Or someone starts to demand work from us, we aren't locked into any relationship.

Making referral fees optional allows us the freedom to choose and walk away when needed. While working towards a structure that produces the best customer outcomes.

I want to recognise an introduction/referral from Disruptive Outcomes, what should I do?

There are a few ways that are great to recognise our support:

  1. Refer us. 100% of our work comes via referral, so if you think we are doing great, help recommend us to companies that you think we can help and that are willing to work with us.
  2. Donate to a cause. We are passionate about social enterprise work and encourage all of the companies we work with to find ways to give back as part of the work they do. If you can find a way to donate time or money towards an employment or education related cause, that is an awesome way to recognise us.
  3. Pay us. You are welcome to pay us a referral fee or spot fee as well. If our involvement justifies the fee, we will gladly accept it with full documentation. If we don't agree, we will donate it.