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1) People

(recruitment, outplacement and interim)
Find people, help people grow, support them to move or work with them for a time. Our people services are about working with people.


  • Fixed Pricing (our preference): depends on the scale of the project. In 2017, a typical fixed-fee recruitment project was 30,000 (Regional Sales Manager); 50,000 (Sales General Manager) or 80,000 SGD (Technical Director).

  • Percentage Pricing: 15% of total annual compensation or 20% of fixed base annual compensation. Minimum project charge of 10,000 SGD.


  • Setup Cost: 1,000 SGD per person.

  • Successful Hire Bonus: 6,000 SGD per person. Only charged if the person is successfully out-placed/hired/self-employed. If the new employer pays a recruitment fee this amount is waved.


  • Under Disruptive Outcomes: Incorporated within whatever interim consulting fee is agreed with the person appointed.

  • Direct to the Company: one-time charge of 10,000 SGD or 10% of the total consulting fee whichever is lower.


  • Choice. We recommend using whatever the company normal fee is for unsolicited introductions. Our fees can be used as well. Payment of fees for introductions made without permission are optional.

2) Data

(market research, analysis and insight)
Find opportunities in the market, develop a focus and approach, analyze large datasets and gain insight. Our data services are about collecting, analyzing and producing actionable insight from primary and secondary people and data sources.

Market Research

  • Customized. In 2017, a typical market research project was 20,000 (ASEAN Water Investment Potential) or 30,000 SGD (Cement Industry Map and Research). Our hourly consulting rate is 500 SGD.

Analysis and Insight

  • Customized. In 2017, our data analysis projects were on a rolling monthly retained basis of 5,000 SGD (Data Cleaning and Analysis in R Studio) and 10,000 SGD (Power BI Setup and Analysis) per month.

3) Process

(systems and workflows)
Explore ways to improve process with off-the-shelf technologies, change internal practices to reduce complexity and empower people. Our process services are about reworking internal flows and systems to produce better results.


  • Customized. In 2017, we completed two systems projects at 20,000 (LinkedIn Recruiter Setup, Recruit, Train and Transfer) and 40,000 SGD (Inhouse Recruiting Systems Setup and Transfer).


  • Customized. In 2017, we completed one workflow redesign project at 20,000 SGD (Expense Management and Automation).