This is an online working section for the Disruptive Outcomes Membership programme. Members are job seekers, professionals interested in participating in our projects and other people interested in keeping in touch. Contact us to register as a member.

Members have full control of their data and must give permission before any introduction, project proposal or other mention. A member can request to remove, modify or delete their records at any time. We support the MyData intiatives.

We hope that members will actively participate in Disruptive Outcomes projects by becomeing Authors, asking questions or otherwise freelancing or volunteering within the network.

We review this collection regularly and make changes and additions based on feedback from Members, regulatory changes and movements in the professional standards of the industry. Please contact us with any suggestions or feedback.

This is a set of reference information and documents and not legally binding.

Right to Represent Form

A standard representation form which grants Disruptive Outcomes permission to represent a Member for their job search. This is required by certain countries, employers and any Member can request it.

Data Use Disclosure

An overview of how Disruptive Outcomes uses Member data and what Member rights are regarding that data.