Disruptive Outcomes LLP may use any documents, information, emails, calls, text or instant messages, or other information shared or recorded in these ways:

  • As part of market research, benchmarking and internal studies where any identifying details will be randomized / automatized and individual members will not be identifiable.
  • For archiving, referencing, registration as part of any documentation or relationship management system with a company Disruptive Outcomes is supporting and which the Member has given permission to pass their information to.
  • For communication, emails and calls.
  • Any disclosures required by applicable laws in Singapore.

Disruptive Outcomes LLP does not and will not sell, otherwise disclose or use Member data for commercial purposes, outside of normal activities of the business which Members have given their consent to.

Disruptive Outcomes LLP will make available any Members own data via a self-service system or by email request. Members may request a copy of whatever documentation / records Disruptive Outcomes has retained about themselves. Members may also request to destroy or delete all or select portions of their data at any time.

If Members request to delete their details (in part or in full), Disruptive Outcomes retains the right to save the name, email address, contact details, and relevant notes regarding the request to remove the record(s). Member association with projects, companies and other records will be saved for five years or as required by local laws. (Reference right to be forgotten laws. Reference mydata org.)

By working with Disruptive Outcomes members grant the rights mentioned above and permission to use their data accordingly.