Expected release Quarter 4, 2018

There are infinite tools available for managing people, recruiting and job search. Many of these tools have created new problems for managers, employees, recruiters and job seekers alike.

We advertise, promote, interview, ask for resumes and complete application forms. We attempt 360 feedback, personality profile and competency map our organisations. We customize our profiles to every job or we “apply” to every job that peeks our interest.

We are surrounded by Data and struggling to get Stuff done. Let’s work together to find meaningful solutions.


Disruptive Outcomes is preparing this podcast series on recruitment and job search strategies using a filter of evidence and data on what has been tested and really works.

Each session focuses on a specific topic (like AI or a policy change), tool (like LinkedIn or Video interviews) or approach (like whether to cold-call or headhunt). Each podcast includes edits from recent conversations with business leaders, job seekers and recruiters.

The podcasts are aimed at mid to senior professionals who are trying to make sense of the people side of business.

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