Collaboration Agreement

Disruptive Outcomes maintains a collaboration and cross promotional platform to help small businesses, solopreneurs, advisors and investors gain viability and collaborate on relevant projects.

Collaborators and Disruptive Outcomes agree that the terms of this agreement are not enforceable in a court of law and they will endeavour to abide by these clauses and adjust them as necessary.

Website Promotion

Disruptive Outcomes will provide a promotional text and link on the company may request edits and changes to that text. Disruptive Outcomes may change the text as needed. The company can ask to be removed from the website at any time.


Disruptive Outcomes requires no fees or payment for this promotional activity. The Collaborator may choose to offer Disruptive Outcomes a split-fee, finders-fee or other referral bonus for business which originates with reference to this posting or other direct referral by Disruptive Outcomes at their full discretion and according to their standard practice.

Confidentiality and Liability

The details of any referral agreement between both parties are not confidential and can be disclosed to any 3rd party by request. Either party can refer to the other as a “partner” of the other. The partnership is non binding.

This agreement provides no coverage of liability between the parties or other guidelines or exceptions. Both parties retain full control of all their data and confidentiality.

There is no expiry or renewal of this partnership agreement and either party may request to cancel the agreement at any time by removing their posting from the website.