Disruptive Outcomes offers a blogging and promotional platform for partners and individuals.

Content is focused on these industries:

  • Industrial IoT (e.g. cyber-security, demand response, SMART Cities);
  • Environmental and Health (e.g. nutrition, agriculture, medtech, biotech, filtration and treatment tech);
  • Renewable Energy (e.g. energytech, storage, wind, solar, geothermal, biomass);
  • Infrastructure (e.g. water, rail, transport, regtech, SMART Infra)

And on topics related to:

  • People (e.g. hiring, retention, development)
  • Data (e.g. analysis, collection, cleaning)
  • Process (e.g. best practice, streamlining, automation)

All content written for the platform must fulfil three criteria:

  • Actionable: provide a clear way for the reader to take action on the topic(s) discussed.
  • Relevant: relevant to an industry and topic which the platform focuses on.
  • Challenging: the post should challenge the status quo. Take a view that isn’t well covered or a position which is rarely discussed.

Fees and Revenue Share

To encourage quality, meaningful content, Disruptive Outcomes LLP offers both a per article fee and a long-term profit share program for authors:

Per article fee - each article posted on the platform has a fee of 2,000 SGD. This amount is paid based on 5% of any invoice generated with reference to that article.

Once the 2,000 has been paid to the author, Disruptive Outcomes LLP gains non-exclusive rights to the content and may modify, redistribute or otherwise use the content as it wishes. The author may continue to use that content however they wish. Before settlement of the 2,000 SGD the author can choose to delete the article.

Revenue share - in addition to the per article fee, Disruptive Outcomes LLP shares 5% of overall revenue with all authors as an annual revenue-share bonus. Eventually, Disruptive Outcomes LLP plans to make this monthly once revenue has stabilised.

The revenue share is calculated based on a split of the 5% equivalent to the portion of content that each author produce.

Example: Total Revenue: 1 Million SGD, total articles posted 1,000, authors posted by Linda 100. Revenue share is 5% of 1 Million or 50,000. Linda generated 10% of the total articles. She receives 5,000 SGD as a revenue bonus.


This is effective for 2018. Depending on feedback from authors, it may be modified throughout the year. The previous agreement will remain for all content produced under that agreement unless the new program results in better payments.

Review and Approval of Content

All content submitted/posted to Disruptive Outcomes will be reviewed, edited and changed as necessary. Content may be rejected with suggestions for changes or a request for a full rewrite on a different or related topic.

Disruptive Outcomes maintains a list of topics of interest and can share these with authors who would like to write about those topics.