We provide socially impactful and outcome focused research solutions. We create custom solutions for customers and link fees to measurable results and business growth.

Because we are referral-only, we have handled projects across multiple industries. Our partners tend to have more exprience in these markets: Environmental & Health; Robitics & IoT; Renewables & Cleantech; Industrial & EV; and Agriculture & Foodtech.

Disruptive Outcomes was started as an experiment to build an empathetic, people-first recruitment and consulting business model. In a traditional recruitment business, every problem is a recruitment problem.

Our services are recruitment, outplacement and interim hiring of people; development and investigation of data through primary and secondary research; and the improvement of internal systems and processes. We provide discounted and probono support for nonprofits, socially impactful startups and people. We encourage opensource and social impact programs.


I founded Disruptive Outcomes in 2017 as people-heavy, tech-light business advisory and recruitment company. I wanted to build a business that focuses on the people, communication and social impact necessary for sustainable business growth.

Find out more about me, my background and thinking via LinkedIn. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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We use various tools as part of our projects. These are some of the tools we use more actively and recommend.

Let us know if you know of another tool which is great for business analytics, recruitment or project management. We are always keen to explore new tools.

Other Programs

We support the mission of multiple other programs which align with our mission of employment-driven development and data-driven decision making.

Education for Employment
Khan Academy

Contact us if you know of another meaningful program which supports data-driven decision making within the social impact space.

Privacy and Data

You own your data, always. Disrupitive Outcomes strictly complies with all Personal Data Protection Guidelines within Singapore and Globally. We agree with the MyData guidelines on providing digital human rights. We believe that the General Data Protection Regulation is the right direction.

Contact us to know how your data is being used, request removal of all or some of your data or otherwise talk with us about data.


Do you want to support my work and Disruptive Outcomes projects? Consider becoming a Patreon and supporting us on a monthly basis (or sending a one-time payment). Leave us a review on LinkedIn or just write us a thank you. Find out more about supporting us.

The paid consulting work we do supports our non-profit, social impact support. Our probono support is given without expectation of support.